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IMPORTANT! June 21 & 25, 2019: Attend community meetings to weigh in on Wonderland Lake development

Updated: Jun 22, 2019


Our fight to preserve Wonderland Lake is far from over.

Please attend meeting June 21 or 25 to help stop unwanted development.

We stopped the fishing pier and boardwalk, but much is still at risk.  We need to show up in full force because strong groups still want to see development at the lake including a wading beach, shade structure, more trails between Broadway and the lake and more.  We need to keep this from happening.  

Our first success was only because of our numbers and the strength of our voices, so we must continue to speak out! 

Please mark your calendar and attend the upcoming OSMP meetings to give your input into the planning process:

Friday, June 21, 2019 2-4pm North Boulder Recreation Center, Bison Room 3170 Broadway  Boulder, CO 80304 (Parking may be limited. Please try to carpool or take public transportation)


Tuesday, June 25, 2019 5:30-7:30pm OSMP Hub 2520 55th St. Boulder, CO 80301


OSMP is offering a concurrent online survey from OSMP.  Please write in even if you are attending! Submit survey here.

Now is the time to alert our wider community about preserving Wonderland Lake as a wildlife sanctuary.   Please pass this email along to your email list, neighbors, and concerned friends.  Show up in person and online.

Here’s what we are still opposing: 

  • Any wading at the lake, including a hardened surface wading beach

  • Any other water play areas at or near the lake

  • Any man-made shade structures on the peninsula; plant trees instead

  • Any new trails or loops into the habitat between Broadway and the dam

  • Any man-made structures that invite human intrusion into natural habitat

  • Any youth education that invites disturbing or disrupting wildlife

We are in favor of:

  • Maintenance and improvement of existing trails and fences

  • Restoration of lost habitat on and around the peninsula

  • Proactive planting of replacement trees to address the loss of ash trees around the lake

  • Better signage and education about habitat protection, especially replacing the Wildlife Sanctuary signage

  • Re-prioritize enforcement of no off-trail access to sensitive habitats and wildlife corridors around the lake

  • Protect habitat between Broadway and the dam

  • Increased ranger patrolling to enforce existing regulations for dog walkers, bikers, and visitors

  • Leave No Trace approach to youth and adult education at the lake

  • Approval of Commemorative name change to Wonderland Lake Wildlife Sanctuary (we have gathered 600 signatures in support of the name change)

We still have deep concerns about plans to develop the Nature Center and additional parking.  More on that when we have more information.


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