Who We Are

We are a steering committee of Boulder residents.  We came together in response to extensive proposed development of the Wonderland Lake Open Space by Open Space Mountain Parks.  We see our mission as stewardship of this rare and precious wildlife sanctuary and have dubbed ourselves Friends Of Wonderland Lake, F.O.W.L.  Or waterFOWL if you will!  

We are in communication with members of Boulder City Council and the Open Space Board of Trustees as well as city and Open Space & Mountain Parks staff responsible for the project.  Everyone has been friendly and open to our questions and concerns.  They concur that to date, there has not been sufficient outreach to residents and they assure us they want to receive our feedback.  The former plans, which included a large pier and boardwalk on the lake, are now off the table and OSMP intends to do additional community outreach before any new plans are proposed.

This site is operated by local Boulder citizens and is not affiliated with the City of Boulder, Boulder County nor any formal organization. 

You can email us atwonderlandfeedback@gmail.com