Our fight to preserve Wonderland Lake isn't over

Take OSMP's online survey NOW (deadline 12/16/19)

Greetings this Holiday Season! 

It is time once again to provide your CRUCIAL feedback to OSMP regarding changes being considered at Wonderland Lake. OSMP has launched a second questionnaire as part their 2nd engagement window to gauge community support for ideas proposed at last June's public meetings. 

All ideas from those public meetings will be given equal weight on the survey, so it is vital that those of us who want to protect the lake speak up for habitat preservation.  

PLEASE NOTE: There are items on the questionnaire that continue to support making the lake a RECREATION area rather than a PRESERVATION area. We support PRESERVATION of the lake and RECREATION at the park.  At this time a wading beach is no longer being considered due to possible blue-green algae contamination.  There are still other proposed changes that would affect wildlife, visual and noise disturbance and visitor density. 

Support for the proposed commemorative name change to ‘Wonderland Lake Wildlife Sanctuary’ is expected to be considered as part of this Engagement Window #2.

Unfortunately, the questionnaire does not provide the opportunity for free-form comments. Please email additional comments regarding Wonderland Lake development to Dan Burke, OSMP Director, at

Thank you for your support to preserve Wonderland Lake!

We say...

  • YES to Open Space

  • YES to Environmental Education

  • YES to Wetlands

  • YES to Wildlife

  • YES to Birdlife

  • YES to Conservation for Future Generations

The Process

In addition to the survey, there will be two ‘open office’ sessions to answer questions regarding the ISP and the survey. 


December 4,  4:30-6:30pm and

December 11,  3-5pm


2520 55th St

Boulder, CO 80301


This comprehensive community engagement effort will honor what has already been heard from the community, aim to strengthen relationships with the community, and build a shared understanding of OSMP Charter purposes and goals for the area.


Thank you for your support to preserve Wonderland Lake!